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Flamenco Guitar

Here you can find Juan Montes flamenco and classical guitars.The finest Flamenco and exclusive models made in collaboration with FLwaves are the expression of the highest Spanish craftsmanship.The Spanish flamenco and classical guitar represents a lifestyle: Uniqueness, Beauty and Passion. 

Juan Montes Guitarshop

We ship worldwide

Exclusive Flamenco&Classical Guitars

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Juan Montes Rodriguez online Guitarshop
"Handmade and unique design with FLwaves"
All our guitars are unique : Ask us about Available Guitars:
Blanca,Negra,Cedar or Spruce Top,Traditional Wooden pegs or cutaway..
Ask here and order your guitar
You will receive photos ,videos and tips from
a Professional Guitarplayer to correctly choose your guitar.
We will compare guitars with you
offering  the best and safe worldwide shipping service. 

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